We provide corporate Training and Development solutions and also offer innovative and customised solutions to make the training more suitable and better Return on Investment. In today’s fast paced environment, which is characterized by an uncertain economy, disruptive technologies, high speed of change, and great complexities of operating in global markets, the ability to adapt and anticipate growth opportunities is the key ingredient to competitive advantage.

As such, the role of the corporate training and development of executives is more important than ever, and is at the cornerstone of an organization’s strategic ability to maintain an agile enterprise that is open to new opportunities and challenges. Some of the Courses we offer: Download pdf of in-house courses and Public calendar downloads which is offered to you in conjunction with International Labour organisation ‘Wedge’.

  • Project Management
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Report Writing
  • HR for Office Professionals
  • Record Management
  • Essential Finance
  • Finance for Non-financial Managers
  • MBA for Office Professionals
  • Managers Development Programme
  • Event Management
  • Facilitator Training
  • Assessor Training
  • Moderator Training
  • Conflict Management
  • Personal Development
  • Risk Management
  • Companies Act
  • Delegating for Success
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Meetings and Minutes Taking
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Time and Stress Management
  • Life day Spa
  • Business Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Telephone and Receptionist Skills
  • Asset Management
  • Team Building
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Corporate Governance
  • Effective Performance Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Skills Development Facilitator Training (SDF)
  • Disciplinary Procedures and Grievances

We are accredited with PSETA and Services Seta



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